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Derpy Heart by DerpMuffins452 Derpy Heart by DerpMuffins452
Derpy curled up as a heart
Okay, this is my first critique, so i'm completely sorry if I underestimate/overestimate you, I don't really have established standards yet. Oh god, i'm not even sure if I should post it...

The pose seems to give off a sense of immortality, peacefulness, and being above it all.

I've seen this pose multiple times, and even the base for it. So, it's more of a meme, which aren't exactly original. Also, Derpy is a commonly drawn character. Perhaps add a bit of your own touch to it, to make it different from the meme. Maybe a glimpse of a smile, or some sort of other expression?

Okay. One thing you could improve on is the muzzle, perhaps make it smaller and have the face make a curve before ending in the muzzle. (Here's a reference, since I don't really know how I would explain that: [link]) Also, the eyes are a bit close together. The behind is a bit large, as it should end closer to the hind leg, or just end with the hind leg entirely. Also, the cutie mark should be on the flank. The mid body seems a bit thin, so maybe you should fatten Derpy up a bit around that area. Sorry, i'm picky, but that's part of how you'll grow as an artist. ^^

Derpy certainly does look angelic in this picture. Perhaps add a simple background, to get the viewer thinking. Just don't make it too detailed and distracting, because I think that one of the high points of this deviation is the simplicity.

Some resources that I think would help
[link] [link]

Enjoy! Also, I get vision and impact mixed up easily... ^^;
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October 22, 2012
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